The young and unconventional digital agency

The challenges

The creation of the entire graphic universe of the Castornaute agency, oriented towards professionals, who seek to differentiate themselves by a strong brand image.

The market of digital agencies being saturated, it was important to build around Castornaute an impactful visual identity.

Together with the marketing team, we defined the storytelling and the direction of the communication. Afterwards, I worked on several graphic concepts.

The story of the astronaut beavers was developed by a team of graphic designers under my direction, for different media: website, social networks, print media, clothing etc.


Logomark Castornatue

The first mission was to represent the Castornaute brand in a creative concept.

Services Castornaute

An illustration library has been created to accompany the brand's communication strategy.

The final touch! There is no better way to showcase the expertise and versatility of the design department than to make things happen! 

Logotype Castornaute

The objective is to define a graphic universe and a color palette that attracts attention by their vibrancy, while keeping a visual harmony.

Mascote Castornaute

To deepen the storytelling, each of our founders had his or her own Beaver version, illustrated on the website and on personalized business cards.

The website

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As an agency with a quirky spirit, Castornaute cannot accept to become the shoemaker with bad shoes.

His expertise must be part of his own communication actions. Throughout its activity, my team participated in the creation of dozens of visuals in line with the community management and the commercial strategy of the agency.