I used to be Art director and Co-founder of


The young and unconventional digital agency

The challange

In a crowded digital agency market, I spearheaded the creation of Castornaute Agency’s standout brand identity. Collaborating closely with marketing, I devised a strategy focused on storytelling and visual communication.

Leading a team of designers, we brought the astronaut beaver narrative to life across multiple platforms, infusing creativity and consistency into every aspect of the Castornaute identity.


The primary objective was to embody the Castornaute brand through it’s creative concept.


An illustration library was created to support the brand’s communication strategy.

The finishing touch! There’s no better way to showcase the expertise and versatility of the design department than by making things happen! In 3D!

Next, define a graphic universe and color palette that capture attention with their energy, while preserving visual harmony.

To deepen the storytelling, each of our founders had his or her own Beaver version, illustrated on the website and on personalized business cards.

Le site Web

The agency’s website would be a sleek and dynamic platform, featuring its services, portfolio, and contact information. It would showcase the agency’s creativity and professionalism while engaging visitors with interactive elements and clear calls-to-action.

La communication

As an agency known for its quirky spirit, Castornaute can’t afford to fall short in its own communications. Our expertise must shine through consistently. Over the time, my team has played a pivotal role in crafting numerous visuals aligned with the agency’s community management and commercial strategy.

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