Norka Bar

Unique home bar rental service


The challenges

Strategically develop a unique home bar rental service, from market analysis, reliable product development to the creation of communication visuals.


Norka bar is a home delivery service of drinks, directly with the bar of your choice. The bar is composed of several modules, each module being dedicated to a category of drinks: wine, beer, spirits. The customer has the option to choose between a fridge or a wine cellar and a wine dispenser.
The bar offer is divided into 3 types: a small bar, a medium bar and a premium bar.
The drinks offered are locally produced and are original and authentic bottles. The service includes the supply of the bar and the exchange of bottles, via an application. The customer only pays for the opened bottles.



The name comes from an analogy between a luxury service and the mink animal, which in Russian is translated as "norka" and is known for the manufacture of jackets for luxury from its fur.

The Norka pet also stays in its burrow most of the time, I compared it with not wanting to leave home to run errands and with the notion of home comfort.


On the logo we find the mascot of the company, the mink. The animal is dressed as a tsar, the idea coming to me thanks to a Russian legend. The legend tells the story of a tsar and his castle, which is attacked by a beast, "norka." He sends his 3 sons to hunt the animal. Only one of the sons manages to find the mink in a magical world and it turns out that the beast was the brother of a princess, with whom he will marry. So we can make a connection between the "norka" and tsarism, abundance, luxury, wealth and well-being.


The pictograms were designed in 3D to reflect the values of the brand: conviviality, well-being, sharing, exclusivity, pleasure, comfort. The shapes used for the brand are very basic: they are mainly circles and rectangles with rounded corners. 


"Feast on your glasses"

The concept of the brand lies in the quality of the delivered drinks and the exclusivity of the service.

The brand is accompanied by a series of strategic visual supports to make the service known to a wider public. Through the posters, Norka presents its service and invites the reader to visit our website through a QR code. 

The company provides business cards in the form of coasters to be distributed at events and fairs.

This type of business card is useful for prospects, while reminding them of our brand.

An application (model) and a website have been made available to make the choice of bottles accessible with an intuitive and fluid navigation on the website and the application.

I modeled the bar on Cinema 4D taking into account all the technical constraints of size and aspect: the height of each block, the standards of bottles, glasses and equipment.

The website

The website is the most powerful means of communication for a start-up company.

A well referenced, responsive and optimized website will rise in the first results on search engines, which will bring the company more visibility. For this, several criteria are to be taken into account: intuitive navigation, clean design, usefulness of content, speed of loading pages, the presence of elements necessary for conversion

Mobile Application

As mentioned earlier, visitors will have the option to download the application from the website. The main purpose of the application is to allow the user to personalize their bar and finalize their purchase intention.

Once on the application, the user will be able to :

  • connect,
  • accept notifications,
  • review its offer,
  • choose the modules and equipment you want,
  • see the prices and fill each module with the desired bottles.

Once they have customized their bar, they will be able to make an APPOINTMENT and proceed to payment. The application also includes order history and tracking.